Shy 31DoH Day 18

Shy By Emma Jochum Artist info at bottom I hide under stairs. Peak at you as you go up. And tickle your foot.   I creep up behind Creaking steps along my path, My eyes on your back.   You turn and look here, But I am too small to see. Your steps quicken now. … Continue reading Shy 31DoH Day 18


The Watcher 31DoH Day 17 (alt Part 3)

...But how about this? The Watcher (Alternate Part 3) After Ambrose Bierce By Emma Jochum The darkness was unbearably oppressive to the point that Jake almost felt pushed into the ground because of it. He could’ve easily turned his light on, but Tommy said that the batteries were probably low since the storm last week. … Continue reading The Watcher 31DoH Day 17 (alt Part 3)