Lullaby 31DoH Day 27

Lullaby by Emma Jochum It’s a soft melody. Something in a minor tone. It’s lilting and beautiful.   And it’s sad. Like it carries the weight of infinite sadness and loss on its gentle notes. Yet, every night I hear it, and off I go.   There are no words. There shouldn’t be. It was … Continue reading Lullaby 31DoH Day 27


Artist Statement 31DoH Day 20

Artist Statement By Emma Jochum In these hand-typed pages I want you to find: Some horror, the grotesque, And warnings in kind.   There’re tales of ghosts, curses, And death at all stages, To shock and spook Kids of all ages.   “Why frighten children?” I hear you ask? To prepare for the World Is … Continue reading Artist Statement 31DoH Day 20