Lullaby 31DoH Day 27

Lullaby by Emma Jochum It’s a soft melody. Something in a minor tone. It’s lilting and beautiful.   And it’s sad. Like it carries the weight of infinite sadness and loss on its gentle notes. Yet, every night I hear it, and off I go.   There are no words. There shouldn’t be. It was … Continue reading Lullaby 31DoH Day 27


The Witch of the Pass 31DoH (Complete)

The Witch of the Pass For Kaila By Emma Jochum On a cold winter night, When frost creeps up the glass, I’ll wrap you up and tell you the story, Of the Witch of the Pass.   She dances and lures you, Into her wicked breast. Ne’er to be seen again, In the devil’s blacken’d … Continue reading The Witch of the Pass 31DoH (Complete)