The Boy of Halloween

The Boy of Halloween By Emma Jochum


Beware the Boy of Halloween,

When he comes to knock.

Be sure to have your treats prepared,

His trick is a nasty shock.


Do not be fooled by his old dress,

His shiny shoes, neat hair, or tie.

Look for the small skull on his lapel,

And the emptiness in his eye.


Each Hollow’s Eve he frolics,

His japes and pranks can be great fun.

But deny him at your peril,

He’ll be back before the night is done.


When the wind rustles the last of the leaves,

And the final Jack-o-lantern goes out,

Keep a wary eye towards your curtain,

And do your best not to shout.


His magic only lasts the night,

So keep your wits and eyes open wide.

If you can make it to sunrise,

He’ll take to the shadows for another year to hide.


But if you are not so lucky,

And in your window he does appear,

Those chills you feel race down your spine,

Tell you there is much to fear.


What will happen next,

I don’t know enough to say.

I keep well prepared each year,

When the Boy of Halloween comes out to play.


For Juan De Loera


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