The Song of Darkness

The Song of Darkness

By Emma Jochum


My skin is pale,

It’s lily white,

It’s never been kissed

By the bright sunlight.


The windows are boarded,

The doors are barred.

No light can get through,

Not one slice or shard.


Oh, how can they stand it?

This ball of mass and fire?

It burns, it blisters,

Will it ever tire?


Even on blessed days

When clouds fill the skies,

That cursed sun still breaks through

It claws, gnaws, and pries.


It’s better in here,

In the cold and the dark.

It surrounds me like a blanket.

It sings like a lark.


It shrouds the shadows,

It lays everything plain.

It sings we are all alike.

It sings we are all the same.


Sometimes I wish,

I could play in the Sun.

Sometimes I wish,

I was just like everyone.


But that is pure folly,

A weakness on my part.

Inside I am safe.

Inside I am smart.


But alas, what is this?

On morning I woke,

To a thunderous crash,

And a jab with a spoke.


My beloved, my protector,

My dark song was ripped away.

And in it’s place, great and mighty,

Came the deafening light of day.



I screamed, I wailed,

I tried to hide.

But their hands were strong,

And pulled from both sides.


I wrenched myself away,

I knew what to do.

It was so simple, so obvious

My eternal escape from this noiseless hue.


My eyes they burned,

But they wouldn’t for long.

Soon all would be black forever.

Again I would hear, darkness’ sweet song.


My vision was blurring,

In this shredding sunlight.

But I found my sewing scissors,

And grasped them tight.


Now all is dark.

Forever, all is well.

Darkness sings eternal,

Here in my little cell.


My skin will always be pale,

I will remember it as lily white.

And the last thing I ever saw,

Was the silent kiss of the hot sunlight.


For Chris Valenzuela


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