Davey’s Song by Emma Jochum

Up and down the street he runs

Each night at half past ten

Calling all the kids in town

To join him in his den.

“Come on children,

Come on friends,

Let’s go run and play!

Sports and games are fun in dark.

Much better than the day!”

Every night he calls,

Running up and down the street,

Waiting for the kids to join him,

Eager for new faces to greet.

“Come on children,

Come on friends,

I know that it is late.

Tell your parents you won’t be long,

Please don’t make me wait.”

The parents never acquiesce.

To Davey’s song they won’t reply.

They know better than to let them out.

Though their children call out “Why?”

“Come on children,

Come on friends,

It’s lonely on my own.

Mummy’s gone and father went,

And now I’m all alone.”

Years ago there was a lad,

Davey was his name.

He wanted to joke and run around,

But struggled with his cane.

“Come on children

Come on friends,

We can have a race!

Over the bridge and ‘round the tree

Cool wind across your face.”

Davey longed to join his friends

Running around without a care.

But his funny leg and hobbled walk,

Condemned him to his front stair.

“Come on children

Come on friends,

I can give you a head start

We’ll meet down by the old town hall,

You’ll join me if you’re smart.”

Once Davey decided to join his friends

And race o’er the stone bridge to the old oak tree

But the rains were bad the night before,

And shaped a hole that Davey didn’t see.

“Come on children

Come on friends,

The night wans, so let’s begin.

I wish you’d join me in my fun

I might even let you win.”

Davey tripped before the bridge and fell,

Down a ridge so steep.

His poorly leg not kicking well,

Left him to drown in the black deep.

“Come on children

Come on friends,

Why won’t you come out and see?

My leg it works much better now,

Please don’t let me be.”

Since that day,

And all nights that follow,

Davey sings his pleading song

To all the children in the hollow.

“Come on children

Come on friends,

The sun is soon to rise

All I want is some kids to play,

Mothers and fathers, listen to my cries!”

Though all the children in town

Would willingly play along

No mother, nor father, nor aunt, nor uncle,

Will listen to the spirit, Davey’s song.


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